Co-activation based parcellation of the human frontal pole

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AuthorsK.L. Ray, D.H. Zald, S. Bludau, M.C. Riedel, D. Bzdok, J. Yanes, K.E. Falcone, K. Amunts, P.T. Fox, S.B. Eickhoff and A.R. Laird
DescriptionConnectivity-based parcellation (CBP) was performed on regions of the left and right FPs using boundaries defined by cytoarchitectural analysis of human areas Fp1 and Fp2. Performing this CBP analysis on the FP via k-means clustering produced a distinct 3-cluster parcellation for each hemisphere corresponding to previously identified cytoarchitectural differences. Post-hoc functional characterization of clusters via BrainMap metadata revealed that lateral regions of the FP mapped to memory and emotion domains, while medial clusters were associated broadly with emotion and social cognition processes. This dataset was automatically imported from the ANIMA <> database. Version: 1
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Add DateJan. 14, 2018, 4:39 a.m.